Types of Literature: Prose and Poetry

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Which of the following is an example of nonfiction literature?

What type of poetry has a song-like quality?

In literature, which type of play has characters triumphing over misfortune?

A long stanzaic poem with a serious/great subject and a heroic figure is known as a(n) __________.

Which of the following is an example of fiction literature?

What type of poetry is a sad poem expressing sorrow for someone who's dead?

In literature, what is the term for a narrative verse considered poetic/musical?

Which type of play in literature has exaggerated characters and appeals to emotions?

What type of literature talks about a long journey with the idea of saving one's nation/country?

Which type of prose is based on the author's imagination/creativity and did not happen in real life?


Explore the various forms of literature including prose (fiction and nonfiction) and poetry. Learn about different types of storytelling and expression through the works of authors across different cultures and time periods.

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