Types of Literature: Prose and Poetry

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What distinguishes prose from poetry?

Prose has sentences and paragraphs, while poetry has verse with measure and rhyme.

Which of the following is an example of prose?

Short story

What does a fable aim to achieve?

Enlighten children's minds with stories about animals and inanimate objects

Which of the following is NOT a type of prose mentioned in the text?


How does a short story differ from a novel?

A novel is longer and more complex than a short story.

What sets plays apart from other types of prose?

Plays are presented on a stage and divided into acts and scenes.

Learn about the two main types of literature - prose and poetry. Understand the characteristics of prose, which includes novels, short stories, plays, biographies, legends, fables, and more. Explore the key features of poetry such as verse, measure, rhyme, and stanza.

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