Types of Intravenous Medication and Extravasation

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What type of examination involves a microscope to look at cervical scraped cells?


Which procedure requires no douching, intercourse, bath, or tampons afterwards?


What type of chemotherapy aims to control signs and symptoms in advanced malignancies?

Palliative Chemotherapy

When is Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy administered?

Before surgery or radiotherapy

Which type of chemotherapy involves using drugs that act mainly on dividing cells?

Cell Cycle-Specific Drugs

What is the most common side effect after a bone marrow biopsy procedure?


What is a characteristic of irritants in terms of administration?

Do not direct intravenous push

Which category of chemotherapy agents causes blister and tissue destruction?

Alkylating agents

What is the recommended action in the case of chemotherapy extravasation?

Elevate the extremity

Which of the following is an adverse reaction of chemotherapy?


How should extravasation from a vein into tissue be managed?

Observe for erythema and ulcers

Which type of chemotherapy agents should never be given directly intravenously?


What precaution should be taken with a BRACHYTHERAPY patient?

Save all dressings and bed linens until after the radioactive source is removed

When can a patient who had the REMOVAL OF RADIATION SOURCE procedure resume sexual activity?

7-10 days after the procedure

Which one of these is an example of a radioisotope used in TELETHERAPY?

Iridium 192 (192Ir)

What is the purpose of INTRACAVITY THERAPY?

To implant radioisotope directly into the tumor cavity for a specific time


Implanting radioisotope directly into the tumor using needles or catheters

Which stage of cancer is characterized by no metastasis, no spread to regional lymph nodes, and complete removal of the cancer?

Stage 1

Which term refers to cells that divide rapidly with no resemblance to normal cells?


Which type of chemotherapy drug includes Fluorouracil, Methotrexate, and Cladribine as examples?


What is the process of neoplastic cells spreading from the original site to distant organs called?


What is the recommended frequency for monthly breast self-examination (BSE) for females above the age of 20?

Monthly after menses

What does metaplasia refer to in the context provided?

Abnormal change in the nature of tissue

Which type of radiation can pass through tiny spaces between cells without causing disruption?

Gamma rays

What is the main difference between alpha and beta particles?

Beta particles have mass and charge.

Which radiation type can cause more damage if inhaled or ingested?

Alpha particles

What is the main characteristic of beta particles that reduces their potential to cause damage?

They are smaller in size.

Which type of radiation has the ability to treat Polycythemia Vera?

Iodine 125 (125I)

Where should dislodged particles for brachytherapy be placed for safe handling?

Place in lead container using forceps

Learn about different types of intravenous medication such as irritants, non-vesicants, and vesicants, along with the concept of extravasation. Explore examples of alkylating agents, antibiotics, metal complexes, and hormonal agents commonly administered via IV.

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