Types of Government: Democracy, Autocracy, Monarchy, Dictatorship

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Match the types of government with their descriptions:

Democracy = Everyone has decision-making power Autocracy = One person makes all government decisions Monarchy = Led by a queen or king, with limitations Dictatorship = Ruled by a dictator with force

Match the forms of decision-making power with their examples:

Direct democracy = Voting on every decision Indirect democracy = Electing representatives Absolute monarchy = No constitutional limitations Constitutional monarchy = With constitutional limitations

Match the types of government with their leadership characteristics:

Democracy = Decision-making power distributed among all Autocracy = Single leader making all decisions Monarchy = Rule by queen or king Dictatorship = Ruled by a dictator with force

Match the leadership styles with their governing structures:

Autocracy = One leader in control Monarchy = Queen or king as head of state Dictatorship = Leader holds power by force Democracy = Power shared among citizens

Match the types of government with their goals of holding power:

Democracy = Shared decision-making power Autocracy = One person in control Monarchy = Led by queen or king with limitations Dictatorship = Dictator ruling with force

Study Notes

  • Islanders on a deserted island are arguing over coconut ownership, prompting a discussion about government and laws to resolve conflicts.

  • Different types of government are introduced: democracy, autocracy, monarchy, dictatorship, and leadership.

  • In a democracy, everyone has decision-making power, either through direct (voting on every decision) or indirect (electing representatives) means.

  • Autocracy is when one person makes all government decisions, while a monarchy is an autocracy led by a queen or king, with absolute or constitutional limitations.

  • A dictatorship is an autocracy where a dictator rules by force, making all government decisions, often with the goal of holding power for life.

Learn about different types of government systems like democracy, autocracy, monarchy, and dictatorship, and how they address conflicts and make decisions. Understand the roles of leaders in each system.

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