Types of Fish Traps in India

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How is the manner of capture in a Lift or Dip Net described?

Lifting the prey over bag-like netting.

Where is the Ring Net typically operated?

Marine waters of Kerala

What type of gear is a Drive-In Net?

Stationary fishing gear

Which gear is popular in Ganges of Allahabad to catch Mystus spp.?

Vela Vala

Where are Hoop nets commonly used for capturing crabs?

Backwaters of Kerala

What is the purpose of providing food over a net in Lift or Dip Nets?

To attract fish for easier capture

Where are Blanket nets typically worked from?


Which region uses Mechanised lift nets for fishing?

Rivers of WB

What distinguishes Cover gear among Falling Gears?

They cover pots or plunge baskets over the fishes.

What distinguishes a Hand Dip/Lift Net among Lift or Dip Nets?

Operated by hand sometimes with long poles.

Study Notes

Fishing Gear Types

  • Choli/Chanchi: A raft trap used in the Ganga river near Allahabad to catch mullets that jump out of water when confronted with obstacles.
  • Changadam: A boat trap popular in the backwaters of Travancore, Kochi for catching grey mullets.

Bag Nets

  • Bag nets: Nets that are kept open vertically by a frame on the opening side and extended horizontally by the current.
  • Scoop nets: Variously shaped small bag nets operated by hand to catch fish by scooping action.
  • Landing nets: Nets with round frames, e.g., Kochbi, used with a bamboo handle in the Neon falls of Kangri valley, Punjab.
  • Skimming nets: Triangular nets with 2 cross-shaped mobile or fixed rods to keep the net open, e.g., Jali, used in the Ganga river, Allahabad (U.P.).

Push Nets

  • Push nets: Triangular or semi-circular frame pushed by hand while wading in water or operated from boats by handle, e.g., Pelni, used in the Narmada river, MP.
  • Other examples: Schiki Jal, used in the Hooghly estuary, WB; Kami Jal, used in rivers of Assam; Vatta Vala, used in sea and backwaters of Kerala and Karnataka; Kappu Vala, used in rivers of Tamil Nadu.

Dragged Scoop Nets

  • Dragged scoop nets: Bagnets with rectangular frames dragged behind a wading fisher through water, e.g., Vadi Vala, used in backwaters of Kerala.
  • Other examples: Vala Vala, Zelikhanni Vala, Pattukanni Vala.

Scrape Nets

  • Scrape nets: Long-framed bag nets operated with the help of a lever.

Entangling Gear

  • Entangling gear: Fish entangle themselves in the netting by coming into the double or triple walled nets voluntarily or by being driven.
  • Examples: Trammel net, Rangoon net, used in reservoirs of AP, TN, and Karnataka; Udu Valai, used in the Krishnaraj Sagar Reservoir.

Harvesting Machine

  • Harvesting machine: A machine that takes the prey out of the water and transports it onboard the vessel by various methods.
  • Examples: Collector for algae, Fish pump, operated when small-sized fish shoal is located, e.g., anchovies, sardines, etc.

Classification of Fishing Gears and Methods

  • International Standard Statistical Classification of Fishing gear (ISSCFG).

Ring Net

  • Ring net: A hybrid between Lampara net and purse seine net operated in the Kerala coast.

Drive-In Net

  • Drive-in net: Fish are caught by driving them into a stationary fishing gear of any type.
  • Examples: Mathi Kolli Vala, used in marine waters of Kerala; Vela Vala, used in backwaters of Kerala; Gopal Jal, used in the Ganges of Allahabad (UP) to catch Mystus spp.

Lift or Dip Net

  • Lift or dip net: Fish are caught by bringing the prey over a flat or more or less bag-like netting.
  • Examples: Hand dip/lift net, e.g., Kacha, used in marine waters of TN; Kurli, used in hill streams of Punjab; Arippu Vala, used in backwaters of Kerala; Jamda Jal, used in rivers of Gujarat to catch ascending Hilsa; Pan Jal, used in rivers of Assam.
  • Mechanized lift net: Bigger lift nets operated mechanically, e.g., Khoila Jal, used in rivers of WB; Chinese dip net, used in backwaters of Kerala.
  • Blanket net: Large nets worked from piles from a number of boats, e.g., Naduthara Valai, used in marine waters of TN; Mada Valai, used along the Coromandal coast to catch flying fish, pomfrets, and sardines.

Explore different types of fish traps used in various regions of India, including Choli, Chanchi, Changadam, and Bag Net. Learn about the unique characteristics and purposes of each fishing method.

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