Types of Errors in Measurements

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What is precision in the context of measurements?

The closeness of measured results to each other

Which term best describes errors that occur predictably once a pattern is established?

Systematic error

What does the coefficient of variation represent?

SD divided by mean expressed as a percentage

Which type of error occurs due to poor precision and is unpredictable?

Random error

In statistical terms, what does standard deviation measure?

Dispersion of values around the mean

Which term refers to the measure of dispersion of a group of values around the mean?

Standard deviation

What type of error occurs predictably once a pattern is established?

Systematic error

Which parameter is calculated as the standard deviation divided by the mean expressed as a percentage?

Coefficient of variation

What characterizes an error that occurs unpredictably due to poor precision?

Systematic error

In the context of measurements, what does precision refer to?

Reproducibility and repeatability of measured results

Test your knowledge on the different types of errors in measurements, including precision, systematic error, and random error. Understand how each type of error impacts the accuracy of measured results.

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