Types of Dentures

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What is the main function of complete dentures?


Which dental prosthesis replaces the entire natural dentition?

Complete denture

What is the definition of a partial denture?

A prosthesis that replaces some but not all natural teeth

Where does a fixed partial denture attach?

Natural teeth or tooth roots

Which term best describes the part of the denture that rests on the foundation tissues?

Denture base

What is the function of the denture polished surface?

Extend from borders of the denture facing lips and tongue

In which type of denture are teeth attached to the denture base?

Complete denture

What does a removable partial denture allow the patient to do?

Remove and replace the prosthesis

Which surface of the complete denture makes contact with antagonist teeth?

Occlusal surface

What distinguishes a removable partial denture from a fixed partial denture?

Attachment to natural teeth

Learn about the different types of dentures used in dentistry, including complete dentures, partial dentures, and fixed partial dentures. Understand the differences between these dental prostheses and how they are used to replace missing natural teeth and tissues.

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