Types of Computers in Computer Science

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Which type of computer is characterized by being the least powerful and often used for personal usage or small-scale data processing?


Which type of computer is known for its huge data storage and is used by large organizations?

Mainframe computers

Which type of computer is especially suited for highly calculation-intensive tasks such as weather forecasting and climate research?


Which component of computer architecture is responsible for the actual execution of the instructions and processing of data?

Central Processing Unit

Which type of computer is known for being the fastest growing and is commonly used by medium-sized firms or departments of large corporations?


Which type of memory needs to be periodically refreshed due to leakage of electrical charge?


What type of memory retains its contents as long as power is supplied and does not have to be periodically refreshed?


Which type of memory is used to store BIOS and computer instruction sets?


Which type of storage is referred to as 'Read Only Memory' and can typically be written once but read many times?

Optical Disks

What type of storage includes hard disks, optical disks, solid state storage, cloud storage, and mass storage devices?

Secondary Storage

Test your knowledge of computer types and categories with this quiz. Explore the different types of computers such as supercomputers, mainframe computers, minicomputers, and microcomputers.

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