Types of Colloids: Lyophilic vs. Lyophobic

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What is the role of fluids in living systems according to the text?

To serve as a complex mixture of colloids, ions, and molecules

In a binary solution, what defines a heterogeneous mixture?

Samples are not uniform in composition

What factors can affect the solubility of a substance?

Temperature and intermolecular forces

How is an unsaturated solution defined?

A solution capable of dissolving more solute at a given temperature

Which component of a solution is responsible for dissolving the solute?


What defines a saturated solution?

It has maximum solubility at that temperature

Which type of colloid is known for being difficult to coagulate?

Lyophilic colloid

What is the meaning of the term 'lyophilic'?


Which term best describes colloids like silver and gold solutions?

Extrinsic colloids

What characteristic makes lyophobic colloids unstable?

Little or no affinity for dispersion medium

In which type of industrial products are colloids commonly used as thickening agents?

Lubricants and lotions

Why do lyophobic colloids require special methods for preparation?

Little or no affinity for dispersion medium

What is the main characteristic of a suspension?

Particle size greater than 1000 nm

How can a suspension be separated?


Why does a suspension scatter a beam of light passing through it?

Large particle size

What size range do particles in a suspension typically fall into?

Greater than 1000 nm

Which statement best describes the stability of a suspension?

Unstable, settles after some time

What can be observed when looking at a suspension under a microscope?

Particles that can be easily seen

What is the main characteristic of a supersaturated solution?

It contains more solute than the maximum amount that will dissolve

In a colloidal solution, what is the dispersed phase?

The substance that is dispersed within another

What size range do colloidal particles typically fall into?

1 nanometer to 1 micrometer

Why do colloidal particles not settle down due to gravity?

Because they have a negative charge that repels each other

How can colloids be separated based on their properties?

By centrifugation

What is the phenomenon called when a strong light beam is focused on a colloidal solution?

Tyndall effect

Learn about the classification of colloids based on the interaction between the dispersion medium and the dispersed phase. Understand the characteristics of lyophilic colloids where the dispersed phase has an affinity for the dispersion medium.

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