Types of Bridges and Structural Forces

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What is the purpose of abutments in a bridge structure?

To resist the outward thrust

Which type of bridge spreads compressive stress over the entire arch?

Arch bridge

What kind of force is shear in structures?

A multidirectional sliding and separating force

In reinforced concrete, what purpose do steel or plastic rods serve?

Increase resistance to tension

Study Notes

Bridge Structure

  • Abutments in a bridge structure support the bridge's loads and distribute them to the ground, ensuring stability and preventing settlement.

Arch Bridge

  • Arch bridges, particularly those with a continuous curved shape, spread compressive stress over the entire arch, providing added strength and durability.

Structural Forces

  • Shear is a type of force in structures that causes deformation by applying a parallel but opposite force to two adjacent parts of the structure.

Reinforced Concrete

  • Steel or plastic rods (reinforcement) in reinforced concrete serve to resist tensile forces, providing strength and stability to the structure by binding with the surrounding concrete.

Test your knowledge on different types of bridges like arch and cantilever bridges, as well as structural forces like compression and dynamic loads. Learn about abutments, which are supports where a bridge arch meets the ground.

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