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What are the three cloud service models mentioned in the text?

What does Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provide?

What are the ways IaaS can be configured?

What philosophy is typically followed in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

Why should applications running on IaaS be robust and horizontally scalable?

What is the primary responsibility of users in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

Why are applications running on IaaS expected to be horizontally scalable?

What sets Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apart from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)?

Which cloud computing service model emphasizes delivering full applications to business users?

How does edge computing differ from traditional cloud or on-premises datacenter computing?

What facilities are typically included in a datacenter?

How were early datacenters different from modern ones?

What was the purpose of the raised floor in computer rooms?

How were individual terminals of end users connected to mainframes in early computer rooms?

Why were water cooling systems used in early mainframe systems?

What was the main component that filled up a fairly large computer room in the early days of datacenters?

What is the approximate floor load capacity in office buildings, in kg/m^2?

Why is it important to keep data cables and power cables separated under raised floors?

What is the purpose of vents in raised floors in datacenters?

Why might some datacenters opt not to use raised floors?

What is the recommended distance between one phase electricity and data cables under a raised floor?

Why is it not desirable to have windows facing the computer room in a datacenter?

What should doors in a datacenter resist?

What should be the minimal width of doors in a datacenter?

What is a potential issue with air that is too humid in a data center?

Why is it important to maintain the relative air humidity in a data center between 40% and 60%?

What can happen if the air in a data center is too dry?

How can the number of dust particles in a data center be minimized?

Why should the relative air humidity in a data center be carefully controlled?

What is the purpose of an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in a datacenter?

What is the main function of the room with a large window looking into the computer room in a datacenter?

What is the key issue related to energy usage in datacenters?

What is the typical range of power density in a normal density datacenter?

What type of power issue is typically caused by lightning strikes?

What is the primary role of CCTV cameras in a datacenter?

Which kind of power issue involves frequency variations or waveform distortion?

What does a high-density datacenter typically allow for in terms of servers per rack?

What is the purpose of a window secured with shatter-proof material in a meeting room?

What is essential to consider when designing a high-density datacenter?

What purpose does a diesel power generator serve in a UPS installation?

What is the purpose of a battery powered UPS in a datacenter?

What is the common lifespan of batteries in a battery powered UPS system?

Which type of UPS system uses a transformer between the utility power and IT equipment?

What does a fuel re-circulation/filtration system for diesel generators help overcome?

Why is it recommended to avoid locating a datacenter in a basement or ground floor?

Why is the ambient temperature relevant when considering the location of a datacenter?

How does the presence of possible external hazards like fireworks storage affect datacenter location?

Why is it important for a datacenter to be close to emergency services like hospitals, police, and firefighters?

How do windows impact the security of a building housing a datacenter?

What is the significance of having two independent power providers for a datacenter?

Why should a datacenter be located in a place with double power and data connections leaving from two different places?

Why is it advisable to have multiple paths available to the patch panels, floors, and end users within a datacenter building?

How does shared building location affect a datacenter's operations?

Why is it essential for a datacenter to have enough reliable power available?

Why is it beneficial for a data center to be close to an internet exchange point?

Why should considerations about foreign countries be taken into account when choosing a datacenter location?

What is the purpose of having standardized 19" racks in datacenters?

In lights-out datacenters, what is a significant characteristic during normal operations?

What type of datacenter category contains patch panels for connections to wall outlets in offices?

What defines a Multi-tenant datacenter category?

What term is used to describe cloud datacenters owned by large public cloud providers?

What investment did Google make in the Council Bluffs, IA datacenter alone?

What is a crucial consideration when choosing a location for building a datacenter?

Why were traditional water cooling systems replaced in datacenters?

What drove the increasing pace of innovation in datacenters?

What occurs when repairs or upgrades are needed in some very large datacenters?

What is the main function of a Main Equipment Room (MER)?

What distinguishes Multi-tenant datacenters from other types of datacenters?

What is a key method used to minimize mechanical friction of the flywheel in an energy-efficient system?

At what range of speeds do flywheels typically rotate in an energy-efficient system?

What is the typical power generation duration provided by flywheels before they slow down significantly?

What component in a UPS system usually needs replacing every three to five years?

What is the average lifespan of flywheels with regular maintenance as stated in the text?

What is one recommended practice for ensuring the immediate startup of diesel power generators according to the text?

Why are two power strips required to power equipment in a rack in terms of redundancy?

How does connecting one power supply of equipment to a UPS and the other to utility power help in case of UPS failure?

What is the relationship between EER and SEER?

What is the purpose of a humidifier in CRAC and CRAH systems?

How does raising the temperature in a datacenter by one degree Celsius affect cooling costs?

What is the purpose of liquid cooling in large datacenters?

What is the normal range for the Coefficient Of Performance (COP) in cooling systems?

How is airflow typically optimized to reduce hot spots in racks?

What happens if infrastructure components in a datacenter exceed their maximum operating temperatures?

What does SEER measure that differentiates it from EER?

Why is it important for components in a datacenter to operate within their maximum temperature range?

What is the main benefit of liquid cooling compared to air cooling in large datacenters?

What is the effect of using cold isles created by perforated tiles in datacenters?

What does COP measure in a cooling system?


Explore the different areas of architecture such as business, enterprise, data, application, and infrastructure architecture. Learn about the role of architects in mapping IT solutions to business value and governing infrastructure designs.

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