Types of Accommodation: Capsule Hotels and Motels

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Hotels used to offer basic accommodation in the past, but nowadays they mostly provide rooms with modern facilities, ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioning, a telephone, a TV set, an Internet connection; a mini-bar including a small refrigerator with drinks and snacks; often there is a facility for making hot drinks in the room. Hotels usually have at least one restaurant and a swimming pool and they provide childcare and conference services. The quality of the hotel and its services is usually marked by stars according to the ___________ classification.

five stars

RESORT-A place that is a popular destination for vacations or recreation, or which is frequented for a particular purpose. For tourists and ___________. They often offer sports and sightseeing. Most of them are seasonal (mountain resorts, beach/seaside resorts).


DESTINATION-These are places with some form of actual or perceived boundary. Such as physical boundary of an island, political boundaries, or even market-created boundaries. TOURIST-A person who is traveling or visiting a place for ___________.


CRUISE-Sail about in an area without a precise destination, especially for ___________.


Tourist Motivation and Behavior TRAVEL BEHAVIOR -Each travel behavior and motive component should be looked at not in isolation but within a cluster of several possible influences. Those providing tourism products and services should take into consideration the many possible configurations of tastes and wants of ___________.


Hotels offer rooms with modern facilities like ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioning, a telephone, a TV set, and an Internet connection. They often have a mini-bar with drinks and snacks, and a facility for making hot drinks in the room. The quality of the hotel is usually marked by stars according to the ________ classification.

five stars

A resort is a popular destination for vacations or recreation, often offering sports and sightseeing activities. Most resorts are seasonal, such as mountain resorts or beach/seaside resorts, catering to tourists and ___________.


Destinations are places with boundaries, whether physical like an island or political like a country. Tourists are individuals traveling for ___________.


Cruises involve sailing without a precise destination, typically for ___________.


When considering tourist motivation and behavior, it is important to understand the cluster of influences on each travel behavior and motive component. Service providers should cater to the diverse tastes and wants of ___________.


Study Notes

Accommodation Types

  • Capsule Hotel: A cheap form of accommodation that originated in Osaka, Japan in 1979, with pricing similar to a dorm bed in a hostel.
  • Small one-person capsules with only a mattress, radio, and TV; usually segregated by gender, with some not accepting female guests.
  • Motel: Originated in the USA, catering mostly to motorists, located along highways, and often shaped like connected rooms with doors facing the parking lot.
  • May have small reception rooms, restaurants, and swimming pools, with less attention to interior design.
  • Youth Hostel: A cheap accommodation for travelers, offering shared bathroom, lounge, and kitchen facilities, with private rooms available.
  • Often less formal than hotels, with opportunities to socialize, but with less privacy and potential disturbances.
  • May provide breakfast, and sometimes other meals.

Camping and Glamping

  • Campsite: A place used for overnight stay outdoors.
  • Glamping: Glamorous Camping, combining camping with luxury and amenities, offering outdoor enthusiasts an upgraded experience.
  • No need to pitch tents, unroll sleeping bags, or build fires; can be done in luxurious settings like villas, yachts, and tree houses.

Bed and Breakfast / Guest House

  • Bed and Breakfast / Guest House: A small, family-style environment with simple and limited operations, where guests may share facilities and/or meals with their host.
  • Private home with private bedrooms (with or without private bathrooms) and shared public areas like kitchen and lounge.
  • Owner or manager lives in the house or on the property, with breakfast included in the price, and other meals available by arrangement.
  • Often run as a secondary occupation.


  • Hotel: An establishment providing paid accommodation, offering modern facilities, ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioning, telephone, TV, and Internet connection.
  • May have a mini-bar, facility for making hot drinks, and other amenities.

Explore common types of accommodation like capsule hotels and motels. Learn about the features, pricing, and unique aspects of staying in a capsule hotel versus a motel.

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