TV Viewing and Perception of Violence Quiz

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According to George Gerbner, what may influence an individual's perception of the risk of being involved in a violent act?

How did Gerbner believe that TV influences people's beliefs about the world?

What did George Gerbner consider television to be in shaping modern society?

According to Gerbner, what gives a coherent picture of what exists and what is important in society?

According to Gerbner, what is considered one of the major staples of the TV world?

What were the two acceptable storytellers outside the home before the advent of broadcast media?

What did Gerbner believe the regular consumption of TV violence could lead viewers to want to own?

How did Gerbner feel television violence affects viewers' beliefs about the world around them?

According to Gerbner, how did regular consumption of TV violence affect viewers' perceptions of risk for crime?

Apart from TV violence, what else did other scholars use cultivation theory to theorize about?

What is the main focus of institutional process analysis as described in the text?

Why does Hollywood include lots of violent content in TV shows?

What type of research involves conducting in-depth interviews with media producers, accountants, and studio executives?

Which theory is better known for its concerns represented by the second and third prongs of the plug?

What does Gerbner's institutional process analysis involve penetrating behind the scenes of media organizations to understand?

What method did Gerbner use to study TV content in order to understand the messages it transmitted?

How did Gerbner define 'dramatic violence' in the context of his content analysis?

Apart from violence, what other TV content did scholars use content analysis to study in relation to its impact on perceptions?

What type of events did Gerbner include in his definition of 'dramatic violence' in TV content?

What time period did Gerbner's team of researchers randomly select to videotape every prime-time TV during the fall season?


Test your knowledge about the correlation between TV viewing and perception of violence with this quiz. Explore the research findings of George Gerbner on the impact of television on individuals' perception of risk and violence.

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