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What does Morrie call life's constant conflict between wanting to do one thing but feeling obligated to do another?

The tensions of opposites

According to Morrie, what is the only rational act a person can perform?


Why does Morrie consider himself lucky despite his illness?

He has time to say goodbye to loved ones

What does Morrie believe would be the result if everyone truly acknowledged their mortality?

A deeper appreciation for life

According to Morrie, what is his advice regarding emotions?

Detach from emotions

What are the three things Morrie believes one must do to lead a meaningful life?

Devote oneself to loving others, community, and purposeful creation

What ritual did Morrie perform every morning at the synagogue when he was nine years old?

He recited a prayer for the dead

What lesson did Morrie learn from his time at Chestnut Lodge?

Money did not buy them happiness

Who is Mitch Albom in relation to Morrie?

His student and friend

What event did Morrie organize at his home on a cold Sunday afternoon?

A living funeral

What does Morrie believe is reflected in someone saying 'Oh, I wish I were young again'?

Unsatisfied lives

According to Morrie, what is the only rational act a person can perform?


What did Morrie believe would cause a lot of trouble in love and marriage?

Inability to communicate openly

Why does Morrie think one would have a lot of trouble in love and marriage?

Lack of respect for the other person

What was Morrie's greatest regret according to the text?

Pride and vanity

What was Morrie's ideal routine for a perfect, healthy day?

Wake up, do exercises, have a lovely breakfast, see friends for lunch

How did Morrie wish to die?

In peace and serenity

What did Morrie desire most after his death?

For Mitch to visit his grave and talk to him

Test your knowledge of the characters in the book 'Tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom. Identify key individuals such as Morrie's family members and their relationships, as well as other important figures mentioned in the story.

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