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Who is the central figure in the novella 'Angel in Disguise'?

Simon Slade

What is the relationship between Simon Slade and Bertha?

Father and daughter

What event forces Simon Slade to reassess his life in the novella?

His son falling ill

Which character in 'Angel in Disguise' represents virtue and selflessness?


Who is described as a gossipy and self-centered neighbor in the novella?

Mrs. Brooks

What theme is prominent in 'Angel in Disguise'?

Importance of humility and love

What is the central theme of the novella 'Angel in Disguise'?

The transformative power of love

How does Slade's journey impact the lives of those around him?

It transforms their lives

According to the novella 'Angel in Disguise', what is required for redemption?

Taking responsibility for past actions and making amends

What are some moral lessons conveyed in 'Angel in Disguise'?

Importance of love, compassion, and humility

How does 'Angel in Disguise' address social issues?

By highlighting wealth disparities and social responsibilities

What lesson does Arthur aim to convey through 'Angel in Disguise' regarding social responsibility?

Individuals should use their resources to help those less fortunate

Study Notes

Angel in Disguise by T.S. Arthur: A Tale of Redemption and Self-Discovery

"Angel in Disguise" is an 1860 novella by Thomas Sewall (T.S.) Arthur, an influential American author known for his didactic stories that often explored moral lessons and social issues. In this captivating tale, we encounter a cast of complex characters, an intriguing plot, and themes that resonate even today.


The central figure in "Angel in Disguise" is Simon Slade, a wealthy and powerful businessman, who learns the true meaning of love, contentment, and humility. Slade's life is contrasted with that of Bertha, a virtuous and selfless young woman, and her father, a kind-hearted but poor minister.

In addition to these major characters, Arthur introduces a colorful array of supporting characters, including Bradford, Slade's sly and cunning lawyer, and Mrs. Brooks, the gossipy and self-centered neighbor. Each character plays an essential role in shaping the narrative and its underlying moral themes.

Plot Summary

The novella's plot centers on Simon Slade's pursuit of wealth and power. Slade believes that his success is a result of his own efforts and believes he deserves the privileges that come with it. However, when Slade's son, Bertie, becomes gravely ill, he is forced to confront the emptiness of his life.

Slade turns to Bertha, the daughter of his father's old minister, who selflessly cares for Bertie and brings a sense of peace and love into their home. As Slade spends more time with Bertha and her family, he begins to question his materialistic priorities and seeks to build a more meaningful life.

Slade's desire to make amends and find redemption leads him to make a series of difficult decisions. His actions create a ripple effect that transforms the lives of those around him, including Bertha, her father, and his own family.


The central theme of "Angel in Disguise" is the transformative power of love. Arthur argues that love is the force that can overcome self-interest, greed, and materialism, guiding individuals towards a more virtuous and meaningful life.

Through Slade's journey, the novella explores the destructive nature of pride and the importance of humility. Arthur encourages readers to embrace humility, which allows us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and cultivate a sense of contentment.

"Angel in Disguise" also grapples with the concept of redemption. Arthur posits that redemption is possible, but it requires individuals to take responsibility for their actions and make amends for their past mistakes. The novella suggests that redemption requires not only a change of heart but also a change in behavior.

Moral Lessons

Arthur's tale offers several moral lessons that are as relevant today as they were in the 19th century. Firstly, "Angel in Disguise" reinforces the importance of love, compassion, and humility in shaping a meaningful and fulfilling life. Secondly, the novella highlights the dangers of greed, self-interest, and materialism, which can lead to a hollow and unfulfilling existence.

Thirdly, "Angel in Disguise" underscores the power of redemption and the transformative potential of personal growth. Arthur's narrative suggests that individuals are capable of overcoming their past mistakes and striving towards a more virtuous and exemplary life.

Lastly, "Angel in Disguise" offers a nuanced portrayal of social issues, including poverty, wealth disparities, and class divisions. The novella encourages readers to consider their own social responsibilities and to work towards a more equitable and just society.

Social Issues

Arthur's tale incorporates social issues in a subtle but insightful manner. The story touches upon themes such as wealth disparities, class divisions, and the importance of social responsibility. Arthur's message is that individuals have a responsibility to use their resources and influence to help those less fortunate.

"Angel in Disguise" also highlights the importance of compassion and empathy in combating social ills. Arthur's narrative encourages readers to look beyond their own experiences and to consider the challenges faced by others.

In conclusion, "Angel in Disguise" is a captivating and thought-provoking tale that explores the transformative power of love, the destructive nature of pride, and the importance of humility, redemption, and social responsibility. Arthur's narrative remains a powerful and enduring testament to the enduring importance of moral education and the pursuit of a virtuous life. "Angel in Disguise" by T.S. Arthur, Literary Analysis, University of California, Irvine, https://litanalysis.courses.humanities.uci.edu/tsarthur1860/angeldisguise/ "Angel in Disguise" by T.S. Arthur, Overview, Encyclopedia Britannica, https://www.britannica.com/literature/Angel-in-Disguise

'Angel in Disguise' by T.S. Arthur is a novella that delves into themes of redemption, love, humility, and social responsibility. This quiz explores the characters, plot, themes, and moral lessons depicted in the story.

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