Trolley Components for Carcass Transport Quiz

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What part of the trolley assembly is responsible for allowing the rotation of the suspended carcass?

Trolley swivel

Which component of the trolley holds the trolley wheel, swivel, and hook together?

Trolley frame

What is the function of the trolley pin in the trolley assembly?

To hold the trolley wheel in its frame

Which part of the trolley assembly is shaped into a hook where the carcass is hung?

Trolley hook

What type of material is the trolley hook typically made from?


What is the basis for the classification of the overhead railing?

Movement of carcass on the trolley

Which type of operation involves manually pushing/pulling the animal/carcass on the trolley?


In which part of the slaughtering process are mechanized operations selectively applied?

Lowerator and elevator

What defines a fully-mechanized overhead railing system?

Continuous operation at a constant speed

Which component of the trolley assembly is responsible for holding together the trolley wheel, swivel, and hook?

Trolley frame

This quiz covers the different components of a trolley used for transporting carcasses, including the trolley frame, trolley hook, trolley pin, and trolley swivel. Test your knowledge on these essential parts used in carcass transport.

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