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What is the trocar length used for?

Which of the below represent the Trocar length

What is the purpose of surgical staplers?

what of the below can be used in the lap chole kit

what are the sizes of diameter disposable endoclip

in any kind surgery cutting the skin what must be used

what we can put inside the lapchole kit as arabian company

What are the most common procedures for laparoscopic surgery

which of the following is our competitor in Staplers

Which of the below are sizes of veress needle

what's included in The EasyUS system ?

What are the EASY US Shaft Diameter

which of the following are competitor brands for Easy US with same technology

What are types of trocars tip that we have

The Top important tasks of the trocars are to do what ?

which of the following can be used in appendix kit

what are the Easy US shaft length available

in Easy US , how many sound clicks needed to make sure that Handpiece is connected to the Shear

what is the working blade vibration HZ used in easy us

What are the Diameter of instruments to be used with 12 mm trocars

what is the diameter of trocars to be used with the stapler of Easy-endo lite

which of the below cases , we can't used ultrasonic in it ?

Which of the below brands are competing in the trocars business

the Trocars can be used in any laparoscopic case

the stapler can be used through 5mm trocar ?

What are the technology for Easy US

What are the types of laparoscopic staplers that we have ?

Ectomy means what ?

What are the stapler shaft length available for easy end Lite ?

what is the open staple height for the green reload

what are the open staple height for the purple reloads N60MT

what is the closed staple height of the blue reloads N60B

What is the degree of articulation to the right of our stapler

what is the colors of reloads for Tristaple available in Easy endolite

how many times you can articulate universal stapler to the left

universal stapler is ethicon like stapler ?

Powered stapler is heavier than competitors ?

the Powered stapler cutting knife is ?

What's the correct shape of the Staples

What is the common length of the reloads in lite stapler

what are the products that we can use for Laparoscopic Gyn procedure

which of the following products used to close the skin after surgery is finisehd ?

Customzied packs can be used in ?

what of the following are the circular stapeler diameters ?

which of the following is (diameter ,length) of the lite stapler ?

what are the types of gowns

which of the following represent trocar diameter ?

Itis means ?

which product is used to connect the gas output to the trocar

what is the suture commonly used in endoloop


Test your knowledge about surgical stapler sizes, trocar length, and the purpose of surgical staplers. Explore questions about the use of trocar length in laparoscopic cholecystectomy (lap chole) kits and the sizes of disposable endoclips for various surgeries. Challenge yourself with queries related to safety practices in skin cutting during surgical procedures.

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