Trends and Issues on Curriculum Development Quiz

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What is the focus of need and development based curriculum?

How has Information and Communication Technology (ICT) impacted curriculum planning?

What is one of the implications of the research findings on K-12 Curriculum Implementation in The Philippines?

What is the recommended approach before revising syllabi or in-servicing colleagues according to the research findings?

What is one of the demands of the learning environment expressed in the text?

What is the main focus of the modern era?

Which area has seen significant changes due to globalization?

What is one of the trends in curriculum development mentioned in the text?

Why is it necessary to incorporate national and universal culture in curriculum?

What is a new trend in the process of curriculum development mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge of the different trends, issues, and research related to curriculum development, both locally and internationally. This quiz also covers the importance of curriculum development and illustrates it through visual organizers.

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