Travelling to Basra and Domesticating an Otter Quiz

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Why did the author express his choice to domesticate an otter?

He wanted a new pet after losing his dog and feeling lonely.

Where did the author's friend suggest he get an otter from?

Marshes along river Tigris in Iraq

What did the narrator find in his room after receiving his mail?

An otter named Mijbil

What happened to the author's buddy before the narrator received his mail?

He left back while only the mail for him had arrived.

Why did the Arab people accompany the otter when it was introduced to the narrator?

To ensure the otter was safely delivered to the narrator.

Test your knowledge on the story where the author decides to domesticate an otter after losing his pet dog while travelling to Basra with his friend. Explore the journey and events that unfold, including waiting for mail in the Marshes along river Tigris.

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