Traveller Decision Making: The Never Ending Journey

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What is the couple's profession and background?

He is a professional scientist with a PhD in physics, and she manages the home full time.

How did the couple decide on Hawaii as their vacation destination?

They decided that the Hawaiian Islands would be a wonderful second honeymoon destination.

Why did Helmut and Helga choose to fly first class and stop in California?

Germany is a long distance from Hawaii, so they flew first class and stopped in California to rest for a few days.

What influenced their choice of staying in three star hotels during their vacation?

They did not plan to spend much time in the room, so they chose to stay in three star hotels.

Why did the couple not choose destinations like Ibiza, the Canary Islands, or the Seychelles?

The specific reasons for not choosing those destinations are not provided in the text.

What data does Hawaii's Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism collect regarding tourist travel behavior?

Aggregate visitor profiles and other crucial data regarding tourist travel behavior are collected.

What approach does this chapter adopt to theory and research?

Experientialist approach

What are some of the 'variables-in-context' that affect leisure travel behavior?

Prior experiences and external stimuli

What method is used to gather rich, detailed data by asking at-site questions?

McCracken's long interview method

How does the experientialist model explain travellers' decision-making processes?

By breaking down complex decisions into manageable decision modules

What is the mix of unconscious and conscious processing known as gestalt thinking?

Configurations of System 1 and System 2 thinking

Which method is adapted to explain travellers' decision-making processes according to the chapter?

Unstructured and semi-structured decision-making models of Mintzberg et al. and Woodside and MacDonald

Explore the decision-making process of a couple from Germany planning a vacation in Hawaii, covering aspects like destination choice and itinerary planning. Dive into the different factors influencing their trip and learn about the considerations involved in making their journey memorable.

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