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What was a key feature of Roman roads that contributed to their durability?

Construction on a firm-formed subgrade strengthened with wooden piles

Which technology was commonly used in modern roads construction?

Use of cement concrete

What was a notable feature of French road pavements?

200 mm pieces of quarried stone with a flat side

What kind of material was used to strengthen the course of history of highway engineering?

Quarried stone

Which aspect was common to both Roman and French roads?

Longitudinal drains

What technology was significantly different between British and French road construction methods?

Quarried stone with a flat side

Which method focused on providing strength and stiffness through mechanical interlock?

Roman roads construction

Test your knowledge on the multi-disciplinary field of transportation system planning and management, which draws from various disciplines like engineering, economics, and political science. Focus areas include urban transportation planning, long-range plans for transportation systems, and regional passenger transportation.

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