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What is the primary focus of the lesson on translating words into algebraic expressions?

Providing guidelines to convert words into mathematical symbols

In mathematics, what does the algebraic language use to express ideas and simplify problem resolution?

Symbols such as +, -, *, and =

What is an excellent example of translating words into algebraic expressions mentioned in the text?

Applying Newton's second law of motion in physics

Which mathematical concept is NOT expressed through symbols in algebraic language?

Descriptive paragraphs

What does Newton's second law of motion state about the force applied to an object?

It is equal to the mass multiplied by the acceleration

What does the price of gas per liter depend on?

The price per gallon

In algebra, what does the symbol 'x' represent?


What do mathematical symbols such as (+, -, x, ) represent?


When should word problems be translated into algebraic equations?

When solving mathematical problems

What does the lesson presented in the text focus on?

Translating word problems into equations

What is the algebraic expression for 'The price of a car in the US is smaller than the price for the same car in Brazil (in dollars)'?

Pu < Pb

In algebraic form, what is the expression for 'The net income results from the subtraction of the taxes from the gross income'?

T = G - N

What is the algebraic representation for 'A discount of 20 percent in any item'?

D = 0.20 * P

How is the total amount of tips received by a restaurant after a month divided among all employees represented in algebraic form?

$$T / E$$

What is the algebraic expression for 'Josh bought 12 pieces of fruit when adding up the apples and bananas purchased'?

$$x + y = 12$$

Test your understanding of translating words into algebraic expressions with this quiz. Explore examples and common aspects of transforming algebraic phrases into mathematical symbols.

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