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Transforming a Low-Cost E-commerce Site into a Luxury Website with Basti UI

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What was the initial step taken by Basti UI before commencing the design?

Conduct a competitor analysis

Which font was chosen for its luxurious appearance?


What is "blanding"?

Blanding refers to when a brand loses its strong identity by adopting a generic style that resembles its competitors.

Which of the following products were used to illustrate the luxury website?

Mini smartphones, designer kitchen accessories and AMD processors

What unexpected feature was incorporated into the product sheet?

A full-screen mode

What technique was employed to animate the calls-to-action on mouse hover?

A trick with Figma's component properties

How much total time did Basti UI take to complete this project?

3h51 + a half hour for the photo shoot

Study Notes

Preparing for Design

  • Basti UI's first step was to do a benchmark of luxury websites before starting the design


  • A luxurious font was chosen, specifically Nobel, for its high-end look

Product Sheet Features

  • An unexpected feature added to the product sheet was a fullscreen mode

Product Illustrations

  • Luxury products used to illustrate the website include Designer kitchen accessories and Fashion clothing

Animations and Interactions

  • The technique used to animate the calls-to-action on mouse hover was Figma's component properties

Project Timeline

  • The total time taken to complete this project was 3 hours and 51 minutes, plus an additional half hour for the photo shoot

Test your knowledge on how Basti UI transformed the TEMU e-commerce site into a luxury website. Learn about the design process, font choices, and unique features added to the site. Take this quiz to see how well you understand the design principles and elements used in the transformation.

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