Traits of Composite Entrepreneurship: Minniti, Bygrave, Autio (2006)

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Who is known for purchasing McDonald's in 1961 and serving as its CEO from 1967 to 1973?

Ray Kroc

Which individual is associated with founding the Hilton Hotels chain?

Conrad Hilton

Who is known for being a British billionaire, entrepreneur, commercial astronaut, and business magnate?

Richard Branson

What is the significance of creativity according to the text?

Helps with problem-solving

Which activity does creativity NOT assist with based on the text?

Confusing thoughts and feelings

What technique involves encouraging individuals to see an idea or problem differently?

Forced Analogy

Which stage of the creative thinking process involves the actual generation of ideas?


Which De Bono Thinking Hat focuses on critical thinking and negative aspects?


What is the main goal of entrepreneurship according to Oxford Languages?

Taking on financial risk for profit

Which technique involves setting quotas requiring individuals to submit a specific number of ideas?

Ideas Quotas

In which stage of the creativity process do individuals lay out the plan for executing their ideas?


According to Minniti, Bygrace, and Autio (2006), what is a likely characteristic of entrepreneurism?

Being opportunity-driven

What is a common challenge faced by early stage entrepreneurs as mentioned in the text?

Having complete responsibility

Who introduced the notion of spotting opportunity and acting upon it in entrepreneurship?

Peter Drucker

In the 21st century, what has led to a rise in economic importance and employment in the international service sector?

'Outsourcing' by companies

Which group is less likely to let fear of failure prevent them from starting a new business?

Graduates with post-school qualifications

What is the key role of the government in relation to entrepreneurship?

Creating a conducive environment

What did Richard Cantillon use to describe an entrepreneur in the 18th century?

'Someone who bore risk, made plans, organized, and owned factors of production'

How are small businesses defined?

Privately owned with fewer employees and revenue

What is a characteristic of small firms mentioned in the text?

Often family-owned

Which factor influences the speed of wealth creation in small businesses?

Risk involved

According to Zimmerer and Scarborough, what does 'culture' refer to?

Shared beliefs, values, and morals

What term is used to describe 'the arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation'?


What does the term 'Culture' encompass?

Knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, and habits of individuals

Which economic development model is based on the Taylorian notion of 'economic rational man'?

Modernization model

What is one of Hofstede's cultural dimensions?

Power Distance

What is the main focus of the 'Dependency model' of economic development?

Multinational corporations and developed nations as colonists

What differentiates the 'Contingency' model from the Modernization and Dependency models?

It suggests that development need not be defined by the developed world

Which of the following is NOT one of Hofstede's cultural dimensions?

'Economic Rationality'

Explore the characteristics of composite entrepreneurship based on the study by Minniti, Bygrave, and Autio in 2006. Learn about the key traits such as opportunity-driven approach, limited growth potential, age group, gender, and educational qualifications.

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