Trading Session Establishment

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What does tag 340=3 indicate in the context of RBS Trading Session?

Trading Session closed

When should M-DAQ send 35=V with Tag 263=2 in the MarketData session?

When the Trading Session is closed

What is the significance of Tag 847=1 in the subscription to RBS(35=V)?

Sending aggregated order to RBS

What action does LPE take when an Arbitrage is detected?

Disables the bank

What will each LPE draw from the LPE_Subscription table?

List of currencies subscribing to the banks

Which bank will use 35=R and 35=i based on the protocol?


What does CS return after a successful logon for the Order session?


What can result from CS returning 35=h for Order session slower than 35=g for MarketData session?

Unable to resolve the connections protocol

What will ANZ use based on the protocol?

35=S and 35=X

Which bank subscribes to the MarketDataSnapShotFullRefresh type?


Where is the MarketData session connected?


What message is sent when the connection is successfully established in IG?


What does the C#GUI do first when connecting to MM?

Send 35=x(SecurityListRequest)

Where are rates from dope published?


What does MM do before sending 35=W to C#GUI?

Check if the Broker has breached CreditLimit

How is 35=8 constructed and sent to C#GUI?

As an initial acknowledgement of the order with TAG 150=0(ExecType=New), TAG 39=0(OrderStatus=New)

What is the purpose of slippage in the C#GUI?

To act as a buffer which drives the tolerance user has against the rates movement

What happens when Tag266 is not present in 35=V?

Tag266 is defaulted as Y

Test your knowledge of establishing trading sessions, connectivity between C#GUI, CORE, MarketData, and IG, as well as the message exchange between the sessions.

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