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According to Marx, why did oriental despotism emerge in India?

What did Marx believe about the economic organization in India?

What was the impact of British colonialism in India according to Marx?

According to the text, colonialism involves the subjugation of one people to another. When did political theorists begin using theories of justice, contract, and natural law to criticize and justify European domination?

According to the text, in the nineteenth century, what was the contradiction that arose between liberal ideals and colonial practice?

According to the text, what is the focus of the fifth section?

According to the text, what did Tocqueville argue in favor of as a member of the Chamber of Deputies?

What did Tocqueville believe was necessary for the success of the French endeavor in Algeria?

According to Marxism, what drives the expansion of capitalism?

What did Tocqueville believe was the main concern for the stability of the French regime in Algeria?

According to John Stuart Mill, which of the following is NOT a reason why foreign peoples are not suited to governing colonies?

According to the text, what was Mill's solution to the problem of imperial misgovernment?

According to recent scholarship, what is Daniel O'Neill's view on Edmund Burke's stance on imperialism?

According to the text, what did Alexis de Tocqueville believe about the benefits of colonialism?

According to the text, the Spanish conquest of the Americas sparked a debate about the use of military force to acquire control over foreign lands because

According to the text, the Spanish colonists insisted on enslaving the indigenous peoples because

According to the text, Bartolomé de Las Casas and Franciscus de Victoria were influential critics of Spanish colonial practice because

According to the text, Pope Innocent IV concluded that force was legitimate only in cases where infidels violated natural law because

According to the text, what is the definition of colonialism?

Which term is often used as a synonym for colonialism?

What is the etymology of the term 'colony'?

What did Lenin argue about imperialism?

According to Victoria, the use of force in the New World was considered legitimate when Indian communities violated the Law of Nations, which is derived from reason and universally binding. What did Victoria emphasize as the reason for the binding nature of the Law of Nations?

According to the text, Enlightenment thinkers such as Kant, Smith, and Diderot were critical of colonialism and challenged the idea that Europeans had the obligation to 'civilize' the rest of the world. What was one of the key issues that distinguished critics from proponents of colonialism and imperialism?

According to the text, what did the stadial theory of historical development propose?

According to Smith, why did he oppose imperialism?


Test your knowledge on Tocqueville's involvement in French colonization of Algeria with this informative quiz. Explore his views, publications, and travels to Algeria, and gain a deeper understanding of his stance on expanding the French presence in the region.

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