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What type of tide occurs during the 1st & 3rd quarter moon?

Neap tide

In which zone do extremophilic organisms reside when both high and low tides are at their extremes?

Intertidal zone

What influences the Tidal Prism in an estuary?

Estuarine circulation

What term describes the movement of denser saltwater into an estuary?

Saltwater intrusion

Which circulation pattern involves intrusion of saltwater at the estuary bottom and outflow of freshwater at the surface?

Salt wedge circulation

What feature influences the nutrient exchange and oxygenation of bottom waters in estuaries?

Turbulence and shear mixing

What is the difference in water level between high and low tides known as?

Tidal range

Which type of tide occurs during the full moon and new moon?

Spring tide

In which type of estuary does strong freshwater outflow block denser ocean water at the surface?

Salt wedge estuary

What feature characterizes slightly mixed estuaries?

Salinity increases from head to mouth

Which type of estuary exhibits limited exchange with the open ocean due to steep cliffs and strong vertical stratification?

Fjord estuary

What is the area between high and low tide marks called?

Intertidal zone

What is the primary factor responsible for the occurrence of Spring Tides?

Alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth

During Neap Tides, which of the following occurs?

Minimal difference between high and low tide

In the context of tidal cycles, what is the Intertidal Zone?

Shallow area along the shoreline affected by tides

Saltwater intrusion primarily affects which ecosystem characteristic?

Water conservation strategies in plants

What is the main reason behind the varying water density due to salinity shifts?

Osmoregulation processes in marine animals

Which region is characterized by vast open water with decreasing light and temperature?

Oceanic Zone

What adaptation in plants helps them survive in waterlogged soils?

Aerial roots for oxygen absorption

What is the main function of phytoplankton in aquatic ecosystems?

Production of organic compounds

What is the key role of macroinvertebrates in estuarine ecosystems?

Indication of ecosystem health

How do fish adapt to low oxygen environments?

Respiration adaptation via enhanced gill structures

Test your knowledge on tides, different zones like intertidal and supratidal, salinity levels such as oligohaline and euhaline, and concepts like tidal prism and saltwater intrusion.

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