Thermocouples and Temperature Measurement

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What is the primary function of a thermocouple?

Measuring temperature

How does a thermocouple generate a signal related to temperature?

By generating a voltage when the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled

What are the components of a thermocouple?

Two different types of metals joined together at one end

Which factor creates a signal in a thermocouple that can be correlated to temperature?

Heating or cooling the junction of the two metals

What is the main purpose of a thermocouple?

To measure the temperature by creating a voltage

In what type of application is an exposed junction thermocouple primarily used?

Non-corrosive gas with faster response time

When would you use an insulated junction thermocouple?

For measuring the temperature of corrosive or harmful fluids or gases

What is the main function of a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)?

To measure the resistance of an electrical wire

What is the advantage of using an RTD to measure temperature?

Good linear characteristics over a wide range of temperatures

In what type of environment is an earthed junction thermocouple beneficial?

Corrosive environments and higher pressure applications

What is the significance of 'Pt' in Pt100 sensors?

It indicates that the sensor is made from Platinum (Pt)

In what way do thermistors differ from conducting materials?

They have greater resistance than conducting materials

What does the '100' in Pt100 sensors indicate?

The resistance of the sensor at 0°C

What governs the resistance/temperature “curve” of thermistors?

The ratio of composite materials

What is the primary characteristic of interest to thermistor buyers?

The relationship between its temperature and resistance

What are Pt100 sensors often called, even if they may not be of the Pt100 type?

Resistance thermometers

Test your knowledge about thermocouples, the sensors that measure temperature using the Seebeck effect. Learn how two different metals joined together can create a voltage correlated to temperature changes.

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