Theory of Mind Development Quiz

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What does the Theory of Mind refer to?

According to Perner & Wimmer (1985), what is a key component of Theory of Mind?

What is the impact of delayed language development on Theory of Mind?

What role does language play in Theory of Mind development?

What is the purpose of the Sally-Anne test mentioned in the text?

What is the key question used to test the participants' understanding in the given scenario?

What is the function of evidentiality as mentioned in the text?

What is source monitoring (SM) in the context of the text?

What was assessed in the Language Production Tasks as per the text?

What was found regarding the correct use of evidentiality markers in different tasks according to the text?


Test your knowledge about the theory of mind, which is the ability to understand and explain the mental states of others and predict their behaviors. This quiz covers the gradual development of theory of mind, from intuitive social skills in infancy to reflective social cognition in toddler and preschool years.

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