The World's Most Popular Sport: Football

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How does the popularity of football compare to American football, basketball, and baseball?

Football is much more popular than American football, basketball, or baseball.

How many teams are estimated to be under FIFA worldwide?

Approximately 71 million teams

What makes the World Cup an important event in the world of sports?

It is broadcasted live on TV for over a billion viewers every four years.

Football is more popular than American football, basketball, and baseball combined.


FIFA has more members than the United Nations.


The World Cup is held every two years.


FIFA has over 300,000 clubs worldwide.


Basketball is more popular than football on an international scale.


The World Cup involves a competition between the top 32 football-playing nations.


Learn about football, the most popular international team sport with millions of players globally. Explore facts about FIFA, the organization governing football worldwide, and the excitement of the World Cup held every four years.

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