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What is the purpose of a business model?

What is the bait and hook business model?

What is the design logic approach to business model creation?

What are the three elements to a successful platform business model?

What is the relationship between business model design and business strategy?

What is the difference between business model design and business model innovation?

What is the role of the brand in relation to the business model?

What is Business Model Adaptation (BMA)?

Do traditional business model types such as bricks-and-mortar or e-broker describe the entire business?


Rationale of How an Organization Operates:

  • A business model describes how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.

  • Business models are used by managers inside companies to explore possibilities for future development.

  • Business models can operate as "recipes" for creative managers.

  • The bait and hook business model involves offering a basic product at a very low cost and charging compensatory recurring amounts for refills or associated products or services.

  • Business models have become much more sophisticated over the years.

  • The rise of outsourcing and globalization has meant that business models must account for strategic sourcing, complex supply chains, and moves to collaborative, relational contracting structures.

  • Design logic views the business model as an outcome of creating new organizational structures or changing existing ones to pursue a new opportunity.

  • Collaborative business relationships require soft power tactics with the goal of aligning heterogeneous interests.

  • Platforms (networked business models) create value by facilitating exchanges between two or more interdependent groups.

  • The three elements to a successful platform business model are the toolbox, infrastructure, and magnet.

  • The concept of a business model has been incorporated into certain accounting standards.

  • Business model design includes the modeling and description of a company's purpose, business process, target customers, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, sourcing, trading practices, and operational processes and policies including culture.Overview of Business Models and Frameworks

  • Traditional business model types such as bricks-and-mortar or e-broker describe only one aspect of the business.

  • Recent literature focuses on describing a business model as a whole.

  • There are various business model types such as subscription-based, freemium, and platform-based.

  • Business model frameworks involve internal and external factors.

  • Business model design is part of business strategy.

  • Business model design and innovation refer to how a firm defines its business logic at the strategic level, while firms implement their business model at the operational level.

  • The brand has a symbiotic relationship with the business model.

  • The standard terminology and examples of business models do not apply to most nonprofit organizations.

  • The model is defined by the organization's vision, mission, and values.

  • Business model innovation promises financial returns, but can reduce the person-organization fit.

  • Business Model Adaptation (BMA) identifies an update of the current business model to changes derived from the context.


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