The Three Categories of Tawheed

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Which category of tawheed refers to affirming that Allah is alone in his right to be worshipped?

Which category of tawheed refers to affirming that Allah is one, without partners in his sovereignty?

Which category of tawheed refers to affirming that Allah's Names and Attributes are incomparable and unique?

Who did not divide tawheed into its components?

Why was there no necessity to analyze the components of tawheed in this fashion?

Who implied the foundations of the components of tawheed?

Who was the first Muslim to express the position of man's free will and the absence of destiny (qadar)?

Who spread the teachings of Sausan until he was caught and executed?

Who advised the people not to greet those who denied destiny nor perform funeral prayers for them when they died?

Who executed Ma'bad ibn Khaalid al- Juhanee for spreading the teachings of his master?

Who was the student of Sausan, an Iraqi convert from Christianity?

Which group of people considered those who denied destiny as disbelievers?


Test your knowledge on the three categories of Tawheed: Ruboobeeyah, Asmaa' was-Sifaat, and 'Ibadah. This quiz will challenge your understanding of maintaining the oneness of Lordship, affirming the uniqueness of Allah's Names and Attributes, and the concept of worshiping Allah alone.

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