The Teff Challenge

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10 Questions

Which of the following cereals does NOT contain gluten?

Which country is teff native to?

Which cereal crop has a higher price compared to other cereals?

How is teff affected by pests and diseases compared to other cereals?

What is one of the uses of teff straw?

Which of the following countries is teff native to?

Which of the following cereal crops is NOT mentioned as a gluten-free option?

What is one of the advantages of teff compared to other cereals?

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a use of teff?

Which cereal crop is mentioned as a high value food crop being used outside of Ethiopia?


Test your knowledge about teff, a nutritious cereal crop native to Ethiopia and used as a staple food. Discover its benefits, usage, and how it compares to other cereals. Explore the gluten-free aspect of teff and its popularity in South Africa as livestock feed.

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