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What themes does 'The Snake and the Mirror' narrative address?

Carelessness, pride, and self-admiration

How did the doctor manage to avoid being bitten by the snake?

He faced the snake and managed to avoid being bitten

What captured the snake's interest more than the doctor in the story?

The mirror in the doctor's room

What does the story highlight about the doctor?

His pride and obliviousness to danger

What kind of person did the doctor decide to marry in the story?

An obese but generous doctor

What role did the mirror ultimately play in the story?

It saved the doctor's life

Study Notes

The Snake and the Mirror Summary

"The Snake and the Mirror" is a narrative within a narrative, told by a homeopathic doctor. The story revolves around the doctor's encounter with a snake and the mirror in his rented room. The narrative addresses themes such as carelessness, pride, excessive self-admiration, obliviousness, and desire.

The Doctor's Encounter with the Snake

The doctor, who lived in a small rented room, was interrupted by a large snake in his home. Despite being frightened, he decided to face the snake and managed to avoid being bitten. The snake, surprisingly, did not bite him, but instead coiled around his arm, which was a hazardous and frightening experience for the doctor.

The Role of the Mirror

The story takes a surprising turn when the snake, driven by its curiosity, approaches a large mirror in the doctor's room. As the snake observes its reflection, it becomes more interested in the mirror than the doctor, and the doctor manages to escape. The mirror, which initially seemed to be a source of danger, ultimately saves the doctor's life.

The Doctor's Pride and Downfall

The story highlights the doctor's pride and obliviousness to the dangers around him. He spends time admiring his appearance in the mirror and making decisions based on his vanity, such as growing a mustache, maintaining a constant smile, and marrying an obese, rich doctor. This lack of focus on his patients' well-being leads to his downfall.

The Lesson Learned

"The Snake and the Mirror" teaches us not to be overconfident about our looks and to focus on our actions and the well-being of others. The story emphasizes the importance of humility and the consequences of pride and self-admiration.

In conclusion, "The Snake and the Mirror" is a story that illustrates the importance of humility, self-awareness, and the consequences of pride and vanity. The narrative serves as a reminder to focus on our actions and the well-being of others rather than obsessing over our appearance.

Test your understanding of the narrative 'The Snake and the Mirror' with this quiz. Explore themes such as carelessness, pride, self-admiration, and the consequences of vanity as depicted in the story.

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