The Secret War of the American Revolution

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Who was James Armistead and what role did he play in the American Revolution?

A Patriot spy who volunteered to be a servant for General Cornwallis (British). He gave important information to General Lafayette that helped win the Battle of Yorktown.

Who were the negotiators for the United States in the Peace of Paris?

John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay

What were the main reasons for the failure of the Articles of Confederation?

The national government did not have enough power, which led to the states acting independently and not cooperating with each other.

Think you know everything about the American Revolution? Test your knowledge of the secret war that took place between the Patriots and the British with this quiz. From Benedict Arnold's betrayal to James Armistead's bravery, this quiz will challenge your understanding of the often-overlooked role of espionage in the fight for American independence. See how much you really know about the spies who helped shape the course of history.

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