The Scarlet Letter and The Red Badge of Courage

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What is the setting of Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, 'The Scarlet Letter'?

17th century Massachusetts

Who is the protagonist of 'The Scarlet Letter'?

Hester Prynne

What are some of the themes explored in 'The Scarlet Letter'?

Guilt and redemption

What is the historical context of Stephen Crane's novel, 'The Red Badge of Courage'?

The Civil War

Who is the author of 'The Red Badge of Courage'?

Stephen Crane

What is the main theme explored in 'The Red Badge of Courage'?

The dehumanizing nature of war

What is the historical significance of 'The Scarlet Letter'?

It sheds light on the Puritanical society of the 17th century

What is the focus of 'The Red Badge of Courage'?

The dehumanizing nature of war

What is the significance of the American Revolution in relation to 'The Red Badge of Courage'?

It is not related to the novel

Test your knowledge of American literary history with this quiz on Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter' and Stephen Crane's 'The Red Badge of Courage.' Explore the cultural and political context of the United States, from Puritanism to the Civil War, and discover the themes and issues that define these iconic works of literature. Challenge yourself with questions on characters, settings, symbolism, and more!

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