The Scarlet Letter

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  1. Which building in colonial Boston has a rosebush right outside it?

  1. True or false: Most of the crowd in the novel’s opening scene is sympathetic to Hester Prynne and disapproves of the ministers who have punished her.

  1. Where is Hester’s baby while she is standing on the scaffold during her punishment?

  1. A stranger in the crowd asks why Hester is being punished, and a local man says he must be a visitor if he has never heard of Hester’s sin. According to the stranger, where has he been that he has not received news of the incident?

  1. True or false: Even though he is still young, Reverend Dimmesdale is already very well respected by the townspeople.

  1. True or false: Reverend Wilson says that if Hester tells the community the name of her lover and repents of her sin, she will be allowed to take the scarlet letter off.


Test your knowledge of 'The Scarlet Letter' with this quiz covering chapters 1-3. Answer questions about the author, setting, and the main symbol in this classic novel. See how well you remember the details of this iconic literary work.

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