The Rise and Expansion of Islam Quiz

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What is the meaning of Islam in Arabic?

Who do Muslims believe revealed the Quran?

Why did the Quraysh Arabs and wealthy merchants in Mecca consider Muhammed's teachings a threat?

When did Muhammed begin his preaching in Mecca?

In which town did Muhammed and his followers retreat, later renamed as Madinat al-Nabi?

What do Muslims believe about the Quran?

What did Muhammed preach about the existence of God?

Why were the teachings of Muhammed considered a threat by the Quraysh Arabs and wealthy merchants in Mecca?

What did Muhammed and his followers face in Mecca due to his preaching?

What does 'Islam' mean in Arabic?

What event is known as Hijira in the context of Islamic history?

What was the term used for the inhabitants of Medina who came to be known as the Helpers?

Who were the immediate successors of Prophet Muhammed known as?

What did Muhammed do in 630 A.D after fighting battles with the Quraysh and their allies?

Which city was later renamed as Madinat al-Nabi (city of the Prophet)?


Test your knowledge about the rise and expansion of Islam, from the preaching of Muhammed to the significance of the Quran. Explore the history and key beliefs of this influential religion.

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