The Research Process: Dr. Joseline M. Santos at Bulacan State University

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What phase of the research process involves the formulation of findings and interpretations based on gathered data?

Analysis Phase

Which of the following is NOT typically involved in the Dissemination Phase of the research process?

Ethical Compliance

What is the main focus of the Empirical Phase in the research process?

Data Gathering Procedure

Which phase involves the presentation and/or publication of research findings to the public?

Dissemination Phase

In which phase of the research process do researchers implement the methodology they have planned earlier?

Empirical Phase

What is a key activity in the Analysis Phase of the research process?

Formulating findings and interpretations

What is the first phase of the research process according to the text?


How does the text describe research?

A process of inquiry

What is the purpose of the Designing Phase in research?

To plan study methods to solve a problem

Which method of thinking is NOT mentioned as part of the research process?

Abductive (plausible reasoning)

What is emphasized as the best way to understand the world around us according to the text?

Scientific method

What does the Research Process primarily reflect?

An innate human sense to inquire

Explore the research process through the teachings of Dr. Joseline M. Santos at Bulacan State University. Understand how research reflects human curiosity and the importance of using the scientific method for inquiry.

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