The Republic of the Philippines: Geography and Climate

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What is the total number of islands that compose the Philippines?

Who named the Philippines after a Spanish royalty?

How many regions are there in the Philippines?

How many major islands make up the Philippines?

What is the government system of the Philippines?

Who is part of the Executive branch of the Philippines?

Which branch of the government has the power to settle controversies involving rights that are legally demandable and enforceable?

What comprises the national territory of the Philippines?

According to the Bill of Rights, under what circumstances can a search warrant or warrant of arrest be issued?

Which branch of the government is responsible for enacting legislation and approving presidential appointments?

What type of society does the Constitution aim to build?

Which part of the Philippines is considered part of its national territory?

What is the role of the Supreme Court in the Philippines?

Under what conditions can the privacy of communication and correspondence be violated according to the Constitution?

Which branch of the Philippine government is responsible for approving or rejecting Presidential appointments?

What is included in the national territory of the Philippines?


Explore the geography, climate, and government system of the Philippines in this introductory lesson. Learn about the archipelago, climate patterns, and the government structure of the Republic of the Philippines.

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