The Quran Quiz

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10 Questions

What is the meaning of the word 'Quran'?

Which language is the Quran written in?

How many chapters are there in the Quran?

Who do Muslims believe revealed the Quran to the final prophet, Muhammad?

How long did it take for the Quran to be revealed to Muhammad?

Which prophet is believed by Muslims to have received the Quran from God?

What is the literal meaning of the word 'Quran'?

How many years did it take for the Quran to be revealed to Muhammad?

What is the significance of the Quran in Arabic literature?

What is the religious importance of the Quran for Muslims?


Test your knowledge of the Quran with this quiz! Discover fascinating facts about Islam's central religious text, its organization into chapters and verses, and its significance as a divine revelation. Challenge yourself and deepen your understanding of the Quran.

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