The Politburo and Lenin's Succession

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Who were the key contenders vying to be Lenin's successor?

Stalin, Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev

Which organization was used to eliminate opposition parties during Lenin's time?


What is pluralism and what was the policy introduced by Lenin at the 1921 Party Congress?

Pluralism is the coexistence of different political ideologies and the policy introduced by Lenin was to encourage debate and diversity of opinions within the Communist Party.

Test your knowledge about the history of the Politburo, opposition parties, Lenin's policies, and the contenders for Lenin's successor in this informative quiz. Learn about the origins and significance of the Politburo, the organization used to eliminate opposition parties, Lenin's approach to pluralism, and the key contenders for leadership after Lenin. Challenge yourself and expand your understanding of this important period in history.

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