The Polar Academy: Arctic Adventure Quiz

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What is the purpose of the Polar Academy?

Who is the founder of the Polar Academy?

How many students are selected to join the expedition team?

What is the duration of the expedition in Greenland?

How does Craig Mathieson select students for the Polar Academy?

What is the main objective of the Polar Academy's leadership team?

What does Craig look for in the potential expedition members during the selection process?

Why are the students expected to complete a tough hike in the hills with Craig and his team?

What is the purpose of the ten months of intense training for the students?

What has the Polar Academy been the subject of, according to the text?


Test your knowledge about the Polar Academy and its unique program that offers teenagers the opportunity to embark on an Arctic expedition in Greenland. Discover more about the challenges and experiences of the participants in this extraordinary adventure.

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