The Persian Civilization: Ancient Iran

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Who is credited with building the Persian Empire from India’s Indus Valley to Europe’s Balkan Peninsula?

What was another name for the Persian Empire?

In which language was the declaration of human rights, recorded in the Cyrus Cylinder, written?

Which ancient Persian contribution to science and technology involved a water supply system?

Which ancient figure led the invading armies that caused the fall of the Persian Empire?

What was the basis of government in ancient Persia?

Who was the first to discover sulfuric acid?

What is the primary focus of culture in Athens?

Which ancient Greek engineer invented the steam engine (Aeolipile)?

In which city was the Acropolis, a fortified hilltop in a Greek polis, located?

What was the main focus of culture in Sparta?

Which ancient civilization is considered the birthplace of western philosophy?


Explore the history of the Persian civilization, also known as ancient Iran. Learn about Cyrus the Great, Persepolis, Achaemenid Empire, and how Persia became the world's first superpower under Cyrus the Great. Dive into the rich history of Persia's 20 provinces and its vast empire under Darius I the Great.

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