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What was the primary lifestyle of human beings during the Mesolithic period?

What marked the shift from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic period?

What allowed Mesolithic hunter-gatherers to pursue animals as they migrated?

What represented a trade-off during the move to agriculture in the Neolithic period?

When did the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution most likely begin?

What was one of the impacts of small groups establishing long-term settlements near valuable resources?

Why did farming produce a surplus of food in early agricultural communities?

What was a consequence of the transition from hunter-gatherer lifestyle to agriculture?

What was a potential downside of agriculture in comparison to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle?

Which factor was crucial for the success of agriculture according to the text?


  • Small groups of people established long-term settlements near valuable resources, leading to domestication of some plants and animals.
  • Maize (Zea mays) evolved from self-seeding plant to one requiring human intervention for planting.
  • Animals became tamer and better suited to human needs through human intervention for food.
  • Farming produced a surplus of food, allowing a smaller group of farmers to support a larger population.
  • Agriculture initiated positive feedback loop in communities, leading to specialized trades and non-subsistence activities.
  • Private property ownership emerged as communities became tied to a single location.
  • Agriculture was dependent on favorable weather, access to water, and disease avoidance.
  • Hunter-gatherer diets were more diverse and potentially healthier than agricultural ones.
  • Agriculture led to societal and cultural advancements, such as settlements near water sources, specialization, and religious and political leaders.
  • Transition from hunter-gatherer lifestyle to agriculture seen at Catalhoyuk in Turkey, where residents pursued art and religion in a stable environment.


Test your knowledge of the transition from hunter-gatherer lifestyle to settled agricultural communities during the Neolithic Age.

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