The Mysterious Encounter

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What was the appearance of the man who opened the door?

A short man with a red face, friendly smile, dressed in fashionable clothing.

Why did Kate ask if they could stay at the man's stables?

Because her friends were in trouble and she wanted a place for them to stay.

What was the name of the man's house?

Stregoika Manor.

What surprised Kate and her friends about the man?

That he was a Lord but had no servants.

What did Kate see in her dream?

Images of streets, houses, and a church spire that transformed into swirling sai.

Test your comprehension skills with this quiz about a mysterious encounter at a stranger's stables. Discover the unexpected events that unfold as Kate seeks help for her troubled friends. Can you remember the details and unravel the secrets behind the red-faced man's hospitality?

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