The Merchant of Venice Act 4 Scene 1

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What is the reason Portia mentions breathing courtesy?

To indicate that actions speak louder than words

What does Antonio mean when he says 'No more than I am well acquitted of.'?

He believes he has repaid a debt

Why does Bassanio say 'Nay, but hear me.'?

To emphasize the importance of what he's about to say

What is the main issue in the conversation between Nerissa and Gratiano?

Miscommunication over a gift

Why does Portia suggest swearing by one's double self?

To highlight the seriousness of an oath

What is the significance of Gratiano swearing by the moon?

To make a solemn promise or declaration

Study Notes

Portia's Conversation with Antonio

  • Portia acknowledges Antonio's gratitude towards her, implying that he was once in a difficult situation, and she helped him out of it.
  • Antonio expresses his gratitude, but Portia downplays it, saying she has already been compensated.

Gratiano's Argument with Nerissa

  • Gratiano swears by the moon that he gave a valuable item to the judge's clerk, and Nerissa is upset about it.
  • Gratiano is frustrated that Nerissa is taking the situation to heart and blames the person who received the item.

Portia's Intervention

  • Portia notices the quarrel between Gratiano and Nerissa and inquires about the matter.
  • Portia makes a clever remark about her own eyes, saying that if someone swears by their double self (referring to her own eyes), it would be a serious oath.

Bassanio's Apology

  • Bassanio requests pardon for his past mistake and swears by his soul that he will never break an oath with someone again.

Test your knowledge of Act 4 Scene 1 from Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice with this quiz. Answer questions about the dialogue between Antonio and Portia in this scene.

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