The Medici Family: Cosimo de’ Medici

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What business was the Medici family involved in that helped establish them as patrons of great art?

International banking

What did Cosimo de’ Medici collect that highlighted his interest in ancient civilizations?

Rare books and manuscripts

What did Cosimo de’ Medici do with the rare books and manuscripts he collected?

Hired scribes to copy and translate them

What did Cosimo de’ Medici make sure his children read to educate them?

Great works by the Roman poet Virgil and the Greek philosopher Plato

In what city did Cosimo de’ Medici make Florence the banking center of Europe?


What captured Cosimo de’ Medici’s interest besides his successful banking business?

Ancient ruins of the Roman Empire

Explore the life of Cosimo de’ Medici, the grandfather of Lorenzo de’ Medici, who established the Medici family as patrons of great art in Florence. Learn about his successful international banking business in the mid-1400s and the role he played in supporting Italian merchants.

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