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What is Arnold known for in the text?

Being the first kid to know enough about rocks to be a member of Granite

Who is Jasper Secrets in the text?

The president of Granite

What is the Great Rock Admirers National Institute of Tectonics?

An expert group on rocks and tectonics

Why hasn't Arnold been able to eat anything else since he heard he was getting the rocky award?

He is too excited

Who is Carlos in the text?

A member of Granite

Study Notes

Main Characters

  • Arnold is a key figure in the text.
  • Jasper Secrets is a character in the text.
  • Carlos is another character mentioned in the text.

Awards and Recognition

  • Arnold is receiving the Rocky Award.
  • Arnold's eating habits have changed since he heard about the Rocky Award.


  • The Great Rock Admirers National Institute of Tectonics is a prominent organization in the text.

"Magical School Bus" Theme Song Lyrics Quiz: Test your knowledge of the iconic theme song lyrics from "The Magic School Bus" TV show. See how well you remember the catchy tune and sing along as you reminisce about Ms. Frizzle's adventurous field trips!

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