The King of Lilliput Chapter 3 Quiz

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Who is the man on the small white horse?

The King of Lilliput

Who accompanies the man with the crown?

The Queen and the Prince

What does Gulliver find in his pockets when he goes into the temple?

His binoculars

Why does Gulliver lie on the ground while speaking to the King?

To listen to the King's quiet voice

What do the servants bring to make Gulliver's sleeping arrangements more comfortable?

500 mattresses

What is the name of the city where the King lives?


What is the name of the island?


What do the people of Lilliput and Blefuscu think of each other?

They are enemies

What is the reaction of the people when the protagonist visits the city of Mildendo?

They are happy to see him but scared of his big feet

Where does the protagonist initially ask to be freed from?


Test your understanding of the events and characters in Chapter 3 of 'The King of Lilliput', where Gulliver encounters the King of Lilliput and experiences the smallness of the city and its inhabitants.

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